Man with white beard wearing glasses, with text saying glasses + telescope

Should You Wear Glasses When Observing?

If you’ve ever tried wearing glasses while looking through a telescope, you know it can be a bit… awkward. So maybe you’ve asked yourself: Do I even need to wear them during my observing sessions? The answer depends on what … Read more

How to see earth without a telescope main image

Can Earth Be Seen Without a Telescope?

It has come to my attention that some people are asking Google the following question: “Can Earth be seen without a telescope?” And over twice as many people are asking the question: “Can Earth be seen at night without a … Read more

Various planets

How Many Planets Are There?

Whether you’re just curious or trying to settle a bet, you’re here because you want to know how many planets there are. The answer is… complicated.  It depends on whether you’re only looking at our solar system or the observable … Read more

Dark adaptation

Dark Adaptation: How It Affects What You Can See

We live in a world full of lights. Nighttime never truly arrives when we’re surrounded by bright headlights, streetlights, smartphones, and more. So although our eyes are equipped with an incredible ability to adapt to the dark, we rarely experience … Read more

Orion Nebula

Why the Orion Nebula Is the Best Nebula

There are countless nebulas in the sky, and each one is amazing in its own way. Although they’re fairly dim when seen from Earth, telescopes can pull in enough light to allow us to see these distant space-clouds. But if … Read more

Big Dipper through the trees

The Big Dipper Is Not a Constellation. So What Is It?

The Big Dipper is not a constellation. For that matter, Orion’s Belt isn’t a constellation. Neither are the bright Summer Triangle or Winter Triangle. So if they aren’t constellations, what in the George Ellery Hale are they? Asterisms! These examples … Read more